Complete OCR

Complete OCR allows Laserfiche users to schedule their document search text extraction automatically and during the best times.

Complete OCR is a solution that allows Laserfiche users to extract the text off of documents so that it can be searched on to retrieve said documents.

What is it?

Complete OCR is a server side application that works on Laserfiche sub folders, root folders or entire volumes to extract and digitize document text so that it can be searched on. This solution is unique in that it is a configurable, automated process that OCRs documents in large quantities, presumably during off peak hours, so that server processing power is not drained from other applications and so one does not need to monitor the workstation processing documents.

If you store or plan to store a large number of documents in you Laserfiche system, Complete OCR might be a great option for you.

How does it work?

Using a simple wizard, the Laserfiche system administrator instructs the program in which documents to OCR and when. The program then performs OCRing functions according to the job specifications, presumably during the user’s system’s off peak hours or after business hours altogether.

What are the benefits?

Complete OCR creates a Laserfiche system containing documents that are easily retrieved through text searches. It achieves this end without the need to bog down the system or related systems during high-usage hours.