Laserfiche Web Access and Laserfiche Weblink

Laserfiche Web Access and Laserfiche Weblink are an organization’s way utilize all of Laserfiche’s great features and tools over any web browser.

What is it?

Laserfiche Weblink

Laserfiche Weblink allows for read-only access to a Laserfiche repository.

Laserfiche Weblink enables any Laserfiche installation the ability to make read-only documents available on the web. Most often, it is used as a means to give a Laserfiche user’s customers or constituents the ability to search and view/retrieve documents without the need for the hosting organization to use their human resources to locate and distribute the desired documents.

Laserfiche Web Access

Laserfiche Web Access allows for full access to a Laserfiche repository, including capture/scanning and all applicable document annotation and workflow features.

Laserfiche Web Access is full web enablement for the Laserfiche system. Laserfiche Web Access gives users all of the system’s functionality, including scanning/capture, over any web browser.

How does it work?

All or part of a Laserfiche repository is hosted on a web server, making the subject documents available via the web. In the case of Web Link, the documents can only be retrieved and viewed/downloaded/printed, depending on the rites of the user, but documents cannot be modified or processed. In the case of Laserfiche Web Access, a user can capture/scan new documents to the Laserfiche repository and use any function of the system that they could using the non-web based or “Thick Client” version of the user interface.

What else can it do?

Centralize Resource and Data Management

IT staff manages software and hardware centrally, without the need to deploy and support software on each individual point of access. Administrators and business owners manage documents and unstructured information through a full ECM system, while maintaining the ability to collaborate across sites, business units, and platforms. Information and knowledge workers access the information they need through an Internet browser, even on a mobile device.

Part of a Broader Electronic Content Management Solution

Other modules are or can be combined with Laserfiche Web Access to provide complete enterprise information management solutions, including document imaging (Web Scanning), business process management (Laserfiche Workflow, Quick Fields, and Agenda Manager), regulatory compliance and tracking (Laserfiche Audit Trail), and records retention (Laserfiche Records Management Edition). In addition, Laserfiche Web Access integrates with Microsoft SharePoint to provide a robust document management component to an organization’s SharePoint platform.

A Great Tool for Customer & Public Service

Laserfiche Weblink functionality can be appended to an organization’s website as a portal. This is a popular option with government bodies that wish to make certain historical/practical documents available to the public. This portal can even be rebranded with the organization’s own logos, fonts, and theme.

What are its benefits?

Remote and Mobile Work

  • Access full Laserfiche functionality from any computer with an Internet browser.
  • Scan remotely with Web Scanning.
  • Access documents from mobile devices.


  • Search for document properties, metadata, or text.
  • Search via toolbar, Search Pane options, or Laserfiche advanced search syntax.

Image and Document Tools

  • Annotate images with drawing tools, redactions, sticky notes, and attachments.
  • Collaborate with check-in/check-out, versioning, and document linking.
  • Send documents to Laserfiche from Microsoft Office.
  • Export or e-mail different file formats directly from the Laserfiche repository.

System Administration

  • Manage application settings through IIS and ASP.NET configuration.
  • Manage Laserfiche repository connections, e-mail, watermarks, and logging through the Configuration Page.