Professional Services Title

Complete Paperless Solutions is committed to providing the best service for our customers. To this end, we offer comprehensive preproduction services that are based on our years of experience in providing guidance and oversight to bring pioneering business process improvements to fruition.

Site Analysis & Recommendation

Implementing a business critical software solution that seeks to fundamentally change the way an organization runs an important process can be a vexing proposition. This is why CPS offers our own expertise to organizations seeking to develop a graduated understanding of a proposed solution and generate a comprehensive rubric for a project’s scope and execution.

Our site analysis service involves one or more CPS experts traveling to your site for one to three days of pointed observation. During this time, the CPS team will take stock of the relevant processes, conventions and concerns surrounding the proposed solution. Following these visits, CPS will generate a granularly detailed report of our findings, as well as highly faceted series of recommendations based on our findings, typically including but not limited to a recommendation for components (hardware and software) to aptly satisfy the proposed solution.

Installation, Testing & Training

Our software architects are authorities in the implementation, configuration and use of all of our systems.

We start by working closely with your system administrator to install your solution according to specifications. From there, we configure the new system while also closely scrutinizing any and all areas of concern. Once every possible safeguard has been securely placed and the system has proven to be configured to perfection we will supervise your end users in using your new custom system in actual operation. This process grants your staff the ability to pose questions directly to their trainers as they arise. This stage typically takes only one day per group, and there’s virtually no limitation on group size.


CPS employs five full time engineers. That means that we’re the company you come to when you need a solution that goes beyond the inherent abilities of your system or a simple integration. If there’s a process you desire that is programmatically possible and prudent, our innovative, experienced and often novel group of software programmers, architects and subject matter experts are raring to bring your vision to life.