Digital Recorder

What is it?

CPS’ own Digital Camera Interface is a great addition to any Laserfiche system that houses digital photos. Not only does DCI provide users the ability to easily upload photos from a camera directly into their Laserfiche repository, it also passes searchable data along with the images.

How Does it Work?

Digital Camera Interface works with camera hardware to get photos and data from the device into Laserfiche. Users simply have to dock the camera or connect to a Laserfiche enabled PC through USB (whichever the device uses). The preconfigured integration is installed on the camera’s SD card and uploads the pictures along with the time and date each picture was taken, user ID, and a case number if desired. From there, users have to option of entering more search/schema information about photos using the DCI user interface. Once all photos and information are sufficiently processed, photos are sent into the Laserfiche repository again using the DCI user interface.