Digital Recorder

CPS’ Digital Recorder solution is an excellent way to store and retrieve volumes of audio clips. Digital Recorder helps users better organize audio clips by storing them in Laserfiche and giving them searchable data.

How does it work?

Digital Recorder works with handheld digital recording devices to get audio clips and data from the device into Laserfiche (not compatible with all models). Users simply have to dock the device. The preconfigured integration uploads sound clips along with the time and date each clip was recorded as well as a user ID. The integrity of each sound clip is maintained in this process as there is no review or editing capabilities in the system. The clips and their search data are transferred to Laserfiche as soon as the recorded is docked without any further user intervention.

What are the benefits?

Digital Recorder provides the means for users to store volumes of recordings in an easily searchable and secure format. The digital recordings are not subject to decay or destruction like tape-based recorders and the system prevents organizations from having to store, maintain and search volumes of tapes.