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Low Code: Four Questions about Laserfiche

It’s become an expectation in the content services market to offer low-code and no-code development solutions. I thought it would be instructive to discuss the implications as they apply to Laserfiche, CPS, and you.

What is low-code development?

Low-code development is a visual environment and approach to software development. With low-code (and no-code), you can abstract and automate each step of Laserfiche Workflow, Forms, and QuickFields to create and streamline service delivery. Low-code (and Laserfiche) break down business information silos so that you (CPS) can develop solutions to meet your needs.

Is Laserfiche low-code? Quoting the LF blog:

“We have deep knowledge of verticals and horizontals that enables us to deliver low- and no-code solutions that meet customer needs. So, yes. Laserfiche Workflow empowers customers to automate business processes, create and enforce compliance policies, and measure success by using configurable, easy-to-use reporting tools.”

Why should I care?

Low-code environments offer reusable components to accelerate development and shorten time to ROI. They inherently enable collaboration between technology staff and business users with specific domain knowledge such as records management or other citizen services.

Can you please answer in English?

Sure ;) Low-code functionality allows your IT team (or YOU, even) to build your business processes with a GUI that looks like Vizio. Plus, pieces of many business processes are prebuilt so that you can use them. This is entirely why the Forms Library (can be found in the LF Forms GUI and the Business Process Library exist. So, your IT team can use the tools and libraries to more quickly build business processes that will automate (help) document-driven tasks like public records requests or applying for a business license. Or, department staff can partner with IT and learn how to to build business processes themselves. And if you’d like, of course, CPS can architect them for you.

Does this change my relationship with CPS?

Not at all. We just want you to know about the low-code praxis and that these tools exist. We’re so excited about this low code approach that we’re putting together a webinar on Tuesday, October 24th at 11 AM. We’ll literally be opening the application and building a business process from scratch, and we’ll take and answer as many questions as we can. We’ll start in Forms and then dive into Workflow. Business processes are really why Laserfiche is so robust and effective, and we want you to leverage the power of your ECM investment. Keep an eye out for the invitation. We’ll be sending it out soon. In the meantime, you can register now using this link.



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