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School Districts Need Laserfiche, too!

I know it's officially summer when school district IT staff have the time to speak with me about technology in between supporting summer learning, planning for next year, hardware inventory, and performing large-scale IT updates and upgrades.

To this end, I'd like to share some ways school districts use Laserfiche for accuracy, efficiency, and accountability. School districts deploy Laserfiche for similar reasons as other public-sector organizations. They want to rid themselves of paper and its associated storage costs and see value in digitization and automation's benefits. Perhaps even more critical stakeholders, students, and parents expect to send and receive documents and forms in a digital format.

Accordingly, school districts recognize the importance of high-performance ECM systems such as Laserfiche, which can integrate with legacy and line of business applications, allowing school districts to centralize all of their content. Laserfiche helps school districts comply with privacy and record retention regulations.

Unfortunately, budget pressure is only increasing for school districts, which can damper new tech purchases—Laserfiche, however, with its obvious ROI and enablement of connection, centralization, and automation. Laserfiche is the ultimate tool, reactive (RM, archival, web access, audit trail) and proactive (workflow, capture, forms). Here are a few ways Laserfiche can improve school district operations:

Cease paying for storage costs

While student records are often not kept in Laserfiche, many other records are and are permanent. Hence paper records quickly morph into much physical storage. How is your district managing these costs? Could these funds be reapportioned if the staff spends less time looking for records in offsite storage? Using Laserfiche, your documents are exponentially more secure, plus you aren't paying for physical storage.

Automate to reallocate resources

Laserfiche provides best-in-class workflow tools and electronic forms. When school districts automate their operational processes, they eliminate process lags and allow inter and intra workflows—over multiple locations, alerting staff to tasks and ensuring deadlines are met. Workflow can also pull data from business systems to populate a form or another system. Here, Laserfiche can serve as an integrative middleware. Also, keep in mind With work moving digitally, you have better process transparency and eliminate couriers and physical mail moving between buildings.

Also significant for school districts are the compliance mandates that regulate everything from teacher onboarding to credentialing to the use of grant funding. Compliance is weakened if there's not enough staff to prove documents are not missing or audits are not performed. With Laserfiche, the team is automatically reminded of essential tasks like background checks or renewing certifications and credentials. Laserfiche can secure required documentation and remind staff when tasks are uncompleted, driving your compliance needs and helping preserve outside funding.

Increase staff efficiency

Sometimes more technology is the last thing an already overworked or small IT department wants. However, Laserfiche packs a lot of features and functionality into one platform. This includes security, integration, capture, mobile and remote access, and workflow. Investment in the platform provides the functionality you need to boost staff efficiency, maintain compliance, meet parental requests, and so forth. Plus, it only requires the support of one extensible platform for your requirements.



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