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The City of Lincoln Selects Innovative Laserfiche Partner for Digital Transformation

The City of Lincoln, the fastest-growing city in the United States from 2000 to 2010, experienced a population surge of 'over 10,000 people during this period.’ This growth prompted the 2006 National Civic League’s All-American City Award winner to prioritize digital services. At the top of their agenda was a significant investment in digital transformation. The City was enthusiastic about deploying Laserfiche and conducted an RFP to identify the best Laserfiche Partner for collaboration.

‘The City of Lincoln chose to work with CPS for several reasons,' Offered Claude Schott, CFO of CPS. We are an award-winning Laserfiche Partner and have excellent technical references. We are also known for our innovative deployments and backfile conversions that other partners can’t perform. Plus, we make all our headcount investments in support and services, making us exactly the right size to deliver excellent, right-sized services. Our whole team looks forward to starting this deployment.”



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