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Three IG Weaknesses and Solution

Information governance was already a critical factor in our fast-paced digital world. However with the ongoing pandemic, and more staff working from home than ever requires a second look at IG. Employees are using mobile and cloud technology to stay productive while on-the-go, creating even more challenges in terms of managing information in a way that allows it to remain productive and useful. We thought this post could serve as a reminder for agencies to shore up possible weaknesses by sharing a few we’ve come across.

Weakness One: Where and How Does Information Enter Your System?

There is a (somewhat ironic) tendency for governance to break down as it enters your system. Today, even smaller agencies have more information “intake” than ever. However, their governance strategy isn’t being updated as quickly as it needs to. Agencies should take advantage of tools like Laserfiche Forms so staff isn’t forced to deal with awkward tools like “fillable” PDFs. When it comes to paper intake, using workflow, Laserfiche can batch process invoices, forms, purchase orders, etc. We can automate the template assignment, ensuring you grab the right information for search or to kick off a business process.

Weakness Two: Not Guarding Your Information Endpoints

Think of endpoints as workstations, smartphones, IoT devices, etc. If you’re unable to access data on those endpoints, you’ll have a far harder time leveraging and growing historical data intelligence, validating past categorizations, or participating in workflows. You’ll also likely be dealing with a lot of duplicate data. With Laserfiche, your staff has anywhere, anytime access to the information they need.

Weakness Three: The Administration of Policy

Many records managers administrate records manually and it works just fine. Besides, many records managers use automated records management with Laserfiche and this works great too. However, every minute you spend manually assigning the correct records series to documents when they become records or pushing records through their disposition, or ensuring that the departments follow their retention schedules is a minute that you’re not focused on other more important matters. Laserfiche was purpose-built as an auxiliary brain for records management and Greg has worked with hundreds of clerks to automate their RM. Also, we can use Laserfiche Workflow (which is included with each full user) rather than Records Management Edition. So there’s no extra product cost.

In short, if you need some help with your Information Governance we are here to help! Give us a shout!



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