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"Yes, We Support That!"

When we run into clients of other Laserfiche Partners at events or in the wild, one question they often pose is how CPS determines what our support and service packages cover. To my knowledge, our clients seem to think the way we do it is satisfactory. More specifically, they express frustration at the meager 20/20 hours of support/training that their LF Partners provide. So, I thought it would be helpful to share our approach.

We don’t support______” is not in our vocabulary.

We really, really want you to use your Laserfiche system―all the features and functionalities. Including, if not especially, all the BPM tools. To my knowledge, our clients seem to think the way we do it is satisfactory. To this end, all the training and support that we offer has one end goal, for you to understand how to use Laserfiche. We believe you must have a good foundational set of Laserfiche skills. If something happens to CPS, we like to think that our clients are in shape to continue their Laserfiche journey without us.

Because of this ethos, you’ll never “run out of support/training hours.” We structure our support team so that senior engineers answer the calls or if they need to call you back, it’s within an hour. If you’ve chosen VIP (excellent selection, BTW), you’ve got unlimited onsite service and support. However, if you’ve picked another option, we won’t leave you hanging. For instance, you built a workflow, and it keeps throwing errors. The trouble is, you are out of support hours. Many partners would use that as an opportunity to upsell you more training and support hours. Some partners might refuse to assist you. That’s not how we roll. We’ll help you get that workflow running. Over the years, I have been told by various Laserfiche Regional Managers that if an end-user is having difficulty with their partner and they want to switch, the RM knows we will help them out. At CPS, we see this as the typical cost of doing business.

We want you to use Laserfiche at capacity all year

As for the packages that other providers offer, here’s why we don’t work at that service level, say, you are four months into your support year, and you have blown through your 20 hours. Many IT departments throw up their hands and say, “well, that’s it for Laserfiche this year. We’ll have to wait until next year to build those 40 forms for that program. For now, we’ll just use fillable PDFs and paper.” It’s like buying a Ferrari and only driving it two miles once a week for errands. Or, “The HR and Finance departments need onboarding and training for Workflow but we’re out of hours. They’ll have to find budget or wait until next year.” I would hate to put any of our clients into this position. We want to take you beyond the digital filing cabinet. Using advanced functionality like workflow is where you’ll achieve the fastest ROI.

One more thing. Laserfiche Partners were formerly known as VARs (value-added resellers.) Those extras, the fifteen minutes answering ad hoc support questions, that customized training documentation, that workflow troubleshooting——that’s the VALUE that CPS adds, and we take that seriously, even if we are just called partners, now. We are your partner.

If you’d like to hear more about our training, support, or customizations please contact us.



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