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Joe Mempin
Jul 22, 2021
In Support & Professional Service
I have to say I have the best support team you would ever want to have. You guys are awesome! Second to none. If every laserfiche user out there knew the type of support level they could have... watch OUT! You Rock Support Team!
Joe Mempin
Apr 17, 2021
In Industry Expertise
The Vendor ties it all together, that's a curious title! Some of you may disagree but in this case it is true. Let me explain. When writing business processes if you are connecting applications together you have to have a common thread. When it comes to business process design the vendor or more specifically the unique vendor number is what we use to tie the contract to the insurance or the purchase order to the invoice or bill of lading. A purchase order number overlaps the process when tying the PO and BOL to the AP invoice. SSN and APN should be mentioned as well for HR and Engineering. Check out our contract management and workflow webinar. Think about the unique identifiers that will help you with your custom business process creation while you watch. Our hope is that it creates a spark that changes how you use your Laserfiche system. Laserfiche is so much more than you know!
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Joe Mempin

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