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  • Are You Cloud-Curious? Check Out This LF Cloud Video!

    We are frequently asked to briefly introduce Laserfiche Cloud, so we put together this four-minute video

  • Laserfiche for 101 & Power Users (VIDEO)

    This Webinar is the perfect compliment to your basic 101 and Power user experience. We believe that all levels will find something to increase their knowledge of the Laserfiche Windows client or Thick Client. Laserfiche Client the Laserfiche Windows client is a Windows desktop application used to access your repository. Using the Laserfiche Windows client, you can add documents to your repository, open and view them, make changes, add metadata and annotations, and perform many other tasks. Because the repository is centralized, it doesn't matter what computer you use to access your repository--the contents will be the same regardless. Note: the Laserfiche Windows client is the desktop counterpart to the Laserfiche web client. The same tasks, options and content are available in both products. The Laserfiche Windows client has a number of supporting components that allow you to perform additional tasks, such as Laserfiche Scanning, Snapshot, Office Integration, and PhotoDocs. The Laserfiche Windows client and its supporting components must be installed to your computer before they can be used. If it has not been installed, review the client installation instructions in the Laserfiche Administration Guide, or ask an administrator for assistance.

  • Purchasing, Receiving, and Invoice Processing with Laserfiche (VIDEO)

    This video is one of a series of our "Ask the Experts" Webinars.

  • Laserfiche Basic Training - Web Access (VIDEO)

    This video is one of a series of basic training videos for the Laserfiche Suite of products.

  • Ask The Experts (ATE) Webinar: Workflow (VIDEO)

    Have you always wanted to learn best practices for building and using Laserfiche Workflow? Now is your chance! If you’re not using Workflow, you’re not getting the full value from your Laserfiche System. Join us for our "Ask the Experts": Workflow Webinar where we’ll dig into: • CPS’s Contract Management Workflow • Auto-redaction and how it safeguards PII • Best practices for building your very own workflows Tom Ziencina, CEO of CPS and Greg Heim, VP of CPS are taking live questions through GoToWebinar’s Chat Function. Enhance your efficiency with the power of workflow! Join us to learn how: Date: Wednesday, August 19 Time: 11:00 AM PST .

  • CPS Best Practices Webinar: Best Practices for Laserfiche Project Communications

    Project management communications are a critical component of any Laserfiche deployment or expansion. What is often not appreciated is that comms is arguably the most crucial function as the Project Management Institute cities “80% of project management IS communications.” To this end, we teamed up with Records Management Administrator Tony Arambarri from Yorba Linda Water District to discuss techniques, successes, misses, and marketing secrets you can use for communications about your Laserfiche implementation.

  • 2024 Best of the CPS Blog

    If you’ve already seen the post or watched the video and think it is appropriate, please pass it along Not surprisingly, videos are generally the most popular, followed by case studies and articles. We created the video to help.

  • Webinar: To Integrate or Not to Integrate: That Is the Question

    We left the Q&A segments in the video because we thought they would be valuable for those who didn’t We hope the video is helpful!

  • Webinar: Leveraging the Value of Laserfiche Capture

    Check out our latest video about the universality of information capture.

  • Composable Enterprise: Laserfiche Was Ahead of the Curve

    metadata generation and management, and secure access, as well as specialized services, such as image and video deliver much-needed structure to the surplus of unstructured data found in documents, forms, images, and videos

  • Records Management at a Glance

    In this CPS video short, we’ll show you how to streamline and automate the retention and disposition

  • Trusted Systems: Q&A

    Here’s a video we created. 

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