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Bloomberg Recognizes City of Salinas for Data-Driven Project

We wanted to congratulate the City of Salinas, which Bloomberg Philanthropies has recognized for its excellence in using data for decision-making and citizen services. To wit:

“Bloomberg Philanthropies today announced the 10 new cities awarded What Works Cities Certification in recognition of their exceptional use of data to inform policy and funding decisions to improve residents’ lives. What Works Cities Certification recognizes and celebrates U.S. local governments that are leading the nation in the use of data and evidence to improve services, create operational efficiencies, and engage residents. These data-informed strategies have enabled these newly Certified cities to increase resident satisfaction, create employment opportunities for residents, help local businesses thrive, decrease youth and gang violence, and more.”

The city was awarded for their innovative program using “24 data points to help inform youth and gang violence prevention strategies, resulting in a 60% decline in youth violence.”

Good work, Salinas; we are thrilled for you!



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