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How to Get The Most Value from Laserfiche

How to Get The Most Value from Laserfiche Usability

Over the last few decades, we’ve installed and supported hundreds of ECM installations for local and state governments. One question we are sometimes asked and that you SHOULD be asking is, “What else can we do to get more value from our ECM investment?” Recently I was reading an IDC brief that stated:

” ECM technology is now such a critical component in supporting digital transformation that industry analysts project the market will reach $67.14 billion by 2022. This staggering increase in ECM adoption is indicative of the significant return on investment ECM generates in supporting digital transformation and improved efficiency.”

As municipalities aspire to further digitize and modernize the capture, management, and security of data, so too Laserfiche is continually innovating and we along with it, to empower you with the means to transform your agencies. The Laserfiche ECM platform has so many features and functionalities it’s sometimes tough to digest them all. Especially in the initial stages of your implementation and usage. The following are some must-haves reshaping today’s government ECM landscape

Adopting an ECM platform should be a balance of research, choice, and execution to ensure staff and officials from other departments or agencies embrace using it. As I’ve been telling clients for years-usability really, really matters. As ECM usage in governments has matured they want to more fully understand the cost and productivity savings. The investment pays off when users not only adopt the technology but become cheerleaders for it. This is why we chose Laserfiche as our ECM partner, it’s UX is intuitive and we encourage all who are looking for an ECM refresh to make it easy to use a top priority.

The ECM solution that is usable will ease the introduction to the system, saving you training and retraining hours. Our offering features usability features such as drag-and-drop capabilities, document previews, easily built forms, and pre-built templates and workflow libraries! Laserfiche gives CPS the ability to customize the features and functionalities to your needs and this ability to customize workflows brings on fans and encourages an extremely high level of client satisfaction. Also, our ability to customize Laserfiche’s look and feel boost the level of usage. Some examples of how Laserfiche tools help users instinctively find information are:

  • The ability to search by “what” something is-verses burdening the user to search “where.”

  • Using metadata (information about the document) to boost customizable search.

  • Using one UI to search for documents housed in any system or application. Imagine not having to toggle back and forth between applications!

Have I convinced you of the power of usability? If so and you want to know more please contact us.



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