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CPS Webinar Recording: Best Practices for Laserfiche Cloud Integrations with Velosimo

Unfortunately, we had some corruption with the recording and missed a bit during Jamie's introduction. But don't worry--the critical part (the demo and questions) is fine. For context here is the script for Jamie's open:

Companies are starting to see the value in moving their various applications to the cloud, some would say the number is as high as 70% making this decision. ECM is not an exception to this move, and we wanted to share a few reasons you may consider migrating your ECM system to the cloud.

I think the most obvious advantage of moving to the cloud would be the offload of management and ownership of their hardware. This immediately puts the responsibility on the cloud provider. Organizations with limited IT resources can now free up their time to focus on other projects and not worry about the hardware aspect of these applications.

I think we can all agree the initial reason to move to an ECM was to make information more accessible and not rely on paper scattered throughout the office or an unorganized shared drive. Moving ECM to the cloud only makes your data much more accessible for staff inside and outside of the office. When COVID hit, remote access to your data was invaluable as everyone found themselves working from their home. Be it their home office, kitchen, garage, or bedroom like me…..we all needed access to our systems to get our jobs done.

Some bring up the topic of security concerns when hosting data off-premise, and in many ways, we have found the cloud option can be more secure. For example, Laserfiche comes with encryption, multi factor authentication, granular access rights, and many other security features straight out of the box.

How about how a cloud system can fit in with your Disaster Recovery Plan? Cloud systems can be replicated across multiple availability zones so if a data center is unavailable during a disaster or other interruption, several other backups are readily available for access. This also flirts with the idea of Trusted Systems, and yes, we have a recording of that webinar as well in our Information Resources Page.

So if you are thinking of moving to the cloud, or you are already there, you are in luck as our partner Velosimo does not work solely on cloud or on-prem… works for both!



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