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How Strong Communications Can Support Your Laserfiche Plan

One key aspect of a successful Laserfiche program deployment is communications. If staff, stakeholders, customers, businesses, and residents aren’t aware of the program and don’t use its efficiencies, can it be declared a success? I would argue no. Hence, the importance of developing a communications plan as a part of managing the Laserfiche project. Our experience in delivering large Laserfiche programs has demonstrated the importance of developing a clear communications strategy whenever multiple organizations or complex interactions between stakeholders of projects are present. Which for our clients is almost always.

In developing a digital transformation program, communication is a critical success factor. As Laserfiche project managers know, communication is about 80% of the job. And the more complex the project, the more communication channels have to be covered. We all know that information delivered on time is critical for meeting core program objectives. A communication strategy allows us to better structure and control information flow, removes uncertainty and the associated stress, and eliminates unnecessary churn in the program. Generally, a good strategy outlines the message, the target audience to address, the communication channels, the resources required, and the feedback methods to measure the exercise results.

Here are some ideas to help you develop your comms strategy:

  • Start by reviewing Laserfiche’s program goals and objectives. Now you are ready to define communications. Do you need monthly updates for staff? What about a newsletter?

  • Resolve what type of language you need for your messaging. For example, technical for IT, results-oriented for management, and detailed for your project team.

  • After your first few comms, conduct a brief audit by briefly asking staff inside and outside the program if they can summarize where the program stands. Basically, you are trying to discover if the manner and vehicle of your comms work. Make the appropriate adjustments.

  • Determine who your internal and external clients are. Segment these groups according to what kind and frequency of comms they require. It may help to whiteboard this or create a grid—mapping who gets what and how often and determining how to be most effective.

This graphic is from one of our clients, Tony Arambarri, Records Management Admin from Yorba Linda Water District, who was kind enough to share his submission to their employee newsletter. Laserfiche has already been deployed at the agency, but they can always do more. Tony is clever in communicating the project's current state and confirming what documents are in the system and how many. Additionally, he reminds staff how to find the documents and the system's original purpose (tracking deadlines.) Finally, he thanked the engineering team for their participation. Here’s a great reminder to document success and be generous with your accolades. Great job, Tony! Thanks for sharing this!



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