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Laserfiche for 101 & Power Users (VIDEO)

This Webinar is the perfect compliment to your basic 101 and Power user experience. We believe that all levels will find something to increase their knowledge of the Laserfiche Windows client or Thick Client.

Laserfiche Client

the Laserfiche Windows client is a Windows desktop application used to access your repository. Using the Laserfiche Windows client, you can add documents to your repository, open and view them, make changes, add metadata and annotations, and perform many other tasks. Because the repository is centralized, it doesn't matter what computer you use to access your repository--the contents will be the same regardless.

Note: the Laserfiche Windows client is the desktop counterpart to the Laserfiche web client. The same tasks, options and content are available in both products.

The Laserfiche Windows client has a number of supporting components that allow you to perform additional tasks, such as Laserfiche Scanning, Snapshot, Office Integration, and PhotoDocs.

The Laserfiche Windows client and its supporting components must be installed to your computer before they can be used. If it has not been installed, review the client installation instructions in the Laserfiche Administration Guide, or ask an administrator for assistance.



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