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Laserfiche: The Answer is Yes

Recently we were calling some of our clients to check in. Often our main point of contact is either the City Clerk, Records Manager, or IT Manager. During the call, I like to ask which departments have they have onboarded to Laserfiche. One agency mentioned that their police department purchased another system. When I expressed my dismay, as we work with almost a hundred PDs, the client just said that “Police just wanted to have their own sandbox.”

Can Laserfiche…..?

We get this question all the time. The answer is yes to any and all of the following:

  • Does Laserfiche integrate with…..?

  • Can we migrate our data from …… to Laserfiche?

  • Can we have our own repository?

  • Can you build a workflow for……?

  • Can we automate…… Laserfiche?

  • Can you customize Laserfiche to…….?

  • Can we make Laserfiche part of our WFH/COVID strategy?

Asking the Right Question

While the answer to the aforementioned questions is “yes.” The question you really should be posing is, “Can your Laserfiche Partner customize Laserfiche to…?

With the plethora of Partners out there — from those serving a local market to those with a national footprint — trying to contrast and compare who can meet your requirements is no easy task. In addition, some partners offer industry sector expertise while others are generalists.

All partners have their strengths and weaknesses. Some may have extensive knowledge on their own offerings, but limited or no knowledge on equipment outside of their specific products. Others might provide a one-stop-shop, but they may lack automation expertise as it is only a small portion of their business.

What is the best choice? It is best to engage with an automation partner who has applied, process experience working across a wide range of business processes and automation technologies. Such expertise will likely result in a more successful project execution. To get started, consider the following points and topics worthy of further investigation that can help guide the selection process.

Technical breadth and depth of portfolio and expertise:

  • Offers broad expertise in business process development and implementation

  • Provides access to leading-edge technology and/or customizes and implements technologies in innovative ways

  • Offers continued education and mentoring within the organization and stays current with new technologies

  • Has diversity and bench strength — AKA, is there just “a guy” that can help or are there several to many resources in case “the guy” is busy?

  • Has a high engineer to business staff ratio

  • Has industry or domain expertise and happy clients

  • Meets all certification requirements in the technologies they provide

  • Is focused on mitigating cybersecurity and compliance risks.



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