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NASCIO Priorities for 2022- Yes, Please

I was doing some research for a project and happened upon the list of NASCIO Priorities for 2022. Reading through the list, several of them align with Laserfiche initiatives within our client base. NASCIO's publishing tends to be high-level so that agency management can use the content to organize their goals and objectives. I thought it would be interesting to share some of what conclusions the members of NASCIO came up with and discuss how it applies to implementing Laserfiche in municipalities. Here are the most compelling priorities to me:

  • Cybersecurity and Risk Management- Expect to see security and risk as the top priority for CIOs for the next decade. Although it's a toss-up whether to expect the risk to be coming from outside (hacking) or inside (employee error or intentional malpractice, fraud, or other liability.) Most agencies have digitized and are using an ECM such as Laserfiche with security down to the word level. Currently, agencies are building out Trusted Systems for their permanent records. A trusted system consists of:

    • A combination of hardware, media, and software storage prevents unauthorized record alterations.

    • Verifiable through independent normal audit processes.

    • Write at least one of the two required copies of each record to a safe and separate location.

    • Policies and procedures for proper records handling.

  • Digital Government and Digital Services-ECM is a primary technology for government digitization efforts that bolster citizen services. The Laserfiche portal product, Web Access, serves as The Hub for La Quinta's permitting and business license requests. And other municipalities use Laserfiche to fulfill public records requests.

  • Cloud Services- The US has pushed toward "cloud first" since the Obama Administration. I'd be surprised if agencies didn't already use multiple cloud business systems because it frees up IT for other duties. Some agencies are migrating from Laserfiche on-premise to hybrid or Laserfiche Cloud. Ultimately, the barrier to the cloud may come down to legislation that mandates the geographic location of servers.

  • Modernization of Legacy Systems- Digitization is an example of the modernization of legacy systems. Another is using integrations, IPaaS, database lookups, and workflows to overcome silos of information trapped in business systems, an example of modernization's business process improvement component.

  • Data and Information Management-Governments have been both leading and chasing trends in IM. While agencies continue to lead regarding record-keeping, compliance, and risk——they are somewhat behind the eightball with master data management, analytics, and enhancing the role of data. Overall, government operations are increasingly providing digital services to citizens, and that means having to manage more data. Among the most significant challenges state and local governments face are the sheer volumes of information they need to deal with, the ongoing growth of these data lakes, and the variety of data they're taking in from an ever-increasing number of sources.

How many of these priorities match yours? Ping me if you'd like to chat.



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