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Resilience Means Having a Firm Grip on the Basics of Digital Transformation

Recent events have proven to agencies that resilience is increasingly critical for agencies. In this case, resilience refers to continuing to provide services, no matter the circumstance. Many agencies have and persist in working towards resilience by digitally revolutionizing their services.

Fortunately, agencies have already started to dramatically change the components: people, processes, and technology. Agencies can weather the pandemic storm through highly secure networks, business-critical applications, tech-savvy staff, citizen service web portals, and apps. Cloud computing’s flexibility and robustness fuel this “weather the storm” approach. Using this methodology agencies can improve operations and increase agility. Here are three steps to transform your operations to digital.

Use and extend workflows- At this time, agencies’ work processes require effective collaboration over distance. Besides, the staff needs to continue the quick and efficient delivery of citizen service. A client of mine refers to this as “exploding the office.” Ultimately, technologies like Laserfiche can help digitize, expand workflows--increasing their speed and your staff’s efficiency.

Keep offering (possibly modified) services- One could argue that the constant pursuance of agency mission success is the definition of resilience. Whether it is viruses or other emergencies, agencies can’t let surprises stop them from serving citizens. However, agencies must be prepared to change “how” they deliver these services. Online delivery can strengthen agencies’ resilience with their consistency and reliability. For example, services that were delivered via counter can be moved online and front-ended with a form. This way, the pain of the old-way doesn’t burden the client.

Stay up to speed- From a technology perspective, it sometimes has been difficult for agencies to keep up with the private sector. Again, a digital approach can not only help agencies keep up with innovation but can also keep them operating despite internal or external events. By digitally transforming their resilience, agencies are ready for any challenge.



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