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Resizing Your Tech Stack During COVID and the Aftermath

According to experts, 64% of US employees are working from home. I’ll venture that many of your staff are cyber commuting or working an A/B schedule. Because of this mode of working many agencies are reevaluating the systems in their tech stack. It’s time to consider migration to the cloud or streamline to better align with core functions, or ensuring systems are resilient. There are so many options that I thought it would be useful to define three steps to help you rethink your tech.

  • Inventory all your tech- Consider starting with employee surveys to see which solutions they most utilize. Then analyze the responses and figure out what will make them even more productive. Laptops over desktops? Tablets? Web access or VPN?

  • Put together a matrix- The next step is to determine which tech solutions are critical and define which are feasible for WFH and what you may be lacking. Also, weigh ROI and how remote work will affect it. Besides, note the importance of your collaboration and communication solutions within a remote work tech stack, while balancing them with robust information security practices to mitigate the risk brought on by remote work.

  • Eliminate redundancy- For most agencies, your tech stack evolves, which means you may be enduring bloat from various data stores and repositories. Some of this enlargement could be due to cloud licenses to applications that are barely used, so they can immediately be cut.

Information Management (Laserfiche) Serves as Middleware

As your tech stack grows, so too does the amount of information, data, files, and documents that are a result of agency work. Not only does the amount of information grow, normally, the number of repositories grows, as well. If your agency starts adding new tools--there’s more silos of information

To combat this disorganization and information sprawl, organizations should consider an ECM platform like Laserfiche, as information and files can be located in any system.. Laserfiche can integrate with existing repositories, presenting information to users based on what it is, not where it is. It allows users to perform enterprise searches for critical information across the entire information ecosystem.

Laserfiche also helps enforce agency-wide information security and governance protocols, even in a remote work environment. By integrating Laserfiche with the entire tech stack, compliance mandates are preserved, and only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information.

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