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September’s Theme: Back to Basics

Are you new to ECM?

Some of us are so entrenched in the world of enterprise content management (ECM) that we forget that not everyone on staff understands what it is or why they should use it. It’s funny how we often expect that colleagues read or minds or have our exact knowledge or as a former co-worker jokes, “why don’t you know what’s in my head?”

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or the analyst monikered Content Services are catchphrases to describe the solution that solves any and all content issues. However, a robust ECM solution addresses an organization’s content needs, to view those needs and respective solutions as one-dimensional or easy-fixes is a mistake. ECM is not an easy or one-time solution to long-term and organizationally-wide content issues. It is a starting point to address content needs, and if properly designed, implemented, and maintained over time, an ECM solution can optimize and streamline content, and content-driven process saving an organization time and money, and ensuring that the content itself preserves organizational and compliance content standards and ensures accuracy and efficiency.

ECM is a complex beast and sometimes it’s difficult to get potential departments and users onboard. Nonetheless, ECM has also emerged as a strategic imperative for many agencies. The reach of ECM has expanded from a single, searchable, repository to integrative middleware and driver of business process management over the last few decades.

In an Enterprise Content Management project, just like any other project, it is important to set up the basic expectations (for users) and to help them understand the goals of the project. In addition, it is critical for them to understand the basics of the technology’s utility. It is in this spirit, the theme for September is back to basics. We’ll we writing a set of articles about the ABC’s of ECM and are planning an ECM 101 webinar for the end of the month. Stay tuned….



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