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Training: Consider CPS VIP Support

One of the most important things you can do when your agency acquires Laserfiche or reinvests (support renewal, builds new workflows, etc.) in Laserfiche is to ensure that staff members are well trained.

Software in general, and Laserfiche in particular is constantly adding new features and functionalities to be more efficient. However, this evolution is sometimes a problem for staff because if staff isn’t trained on the new capabilities, they may be frustrated and their productivity will be negatively impacted. Which, overall, presents a problem for the organization as a whole. An easy solution to this is to provide your workforce with the necessary software training which would involve utilization and personalization of the software in question with respect to the employee’s role in the agency. This is precisely why we offer unlimited, onsite, training with our VIP-level support. Recently, I discovered that many other Laserfiche Partners include just 20 hours of training and then charge per day. I don’t understand that approach to client support and here’s why.


To truly make the most out of Laserfiche, the features and functions that are most applicable to a staff member should be at their fingertips. This includes things like templates and template best practices, shortcut keys, an understanding of metadata, participation in workflow approval processes, and menu options. By learning how to use these features confidently, employees can complete tasks more easily in minimal time.

Ease tension

When a person is frustrated because they are uncomfortable with a portion of their tasks, they may tend to react in a negative way. Some vent to their colleagues while others might quit. Our marketing lead tells stories about a certain campaign management system that she had to learn by doing because the organization wouldn’t pay for training. Eventually, she figured it out, but she won’t work with an organization that uses that system because her experience was so negative. These negative feelings can cause tension in the workplace (or just complete refusal to work with the system at all), which results in a lack of productivity and efficiency. By eliminating tensions from an inability to work with Laserfiche through training, hopefully, you’ll have happy, productive teams who appreciate the tasks that Laserfiche takes off of their plate.


By providing your team with Laserfiche training, they’ll benefit from increased knowledge and therefore, increased usability. This allows employees to solve issues by themselves, increasing efficiency and promoting a healthy work environment. In addition, your ROI on Laserfiche will be increased. If you wish to provide your team with unlimited software training, consider upgrading to VIP support with CPS. We’ll provide you and your employees with hands-on training (or retraining) in order to teach them all they need to know about Laserfiche!

Oh, and one more thing. If you’ve ever wanted to take a dive into Laserfiche Business Process functionality, we’re conducting a webinar, where we’ll take you step-by-step from building a form and a workflow. And we’ll show you how to use the treasure chest that is the Laserfiche Forms Library. You can sign up here.



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