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We Conducted a Survey about Laserfiche Webinar Topics and Your Responses Were Interesting

In June we sent out a survey to our clients. The purpose of the survey was to query all of you about what feature or functionality of Laserfiche you wanted to learn about. We’ll be using the results to develop webinar material. Our first webinar will be on August 19th at 11 AM. We’ll be sending out invitations soon.

While the results delivered fulfilled the purpose of the survey, I thought some of your responses deserved to be shared:

  • When asked,” What feature or functionality of Laserfiche you were most interested in?” Eighty-one percent of you are interested in process automation. This feedback was really exciting for us as workflow has so many applications and we’ve built a few that we can’t wait to show you! Workflow is like potato chips, you can’t have just one.

  • Seventy-four percent of respondents want to dive into records management and 89 percent of you are interested in automating it. We hear you. RM is a fundamental operation of enterprise content management. However, we know it can be complicated and somewhat confusing. Greg has developed a middle-way using Laserfiche and we look forward to showing that to you and hearing what you think.

  • Other processes you are interested in automating include contract management (46 percent) and redaction (42 percent). We’ve got a good workflow built out for contract management, so we look forward to showing it to you. In addition, we’ve used the Laserfiche tools to build an auto redaction function. We understand the importance of keeping PII (Publicly Identifiable Information) private and this tool will help.

That’s all for now! See you on the webinar!



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