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Why Manufacturers Benefit from Laserfiche (Part Two)

(This is the second article in a series about how Manufacturers can leverage Laserfiche for positive bottom-line impact.)

Connect and Streamline the Flow of Information Across Your Enterprise

The beauty of Laserfiche solutions is their robustness. They scale for every department, allowing manufacturers to toss manual, paper-based processes and record-keeping. This frees up critical staff to focus on customer service. However, they won’t go unaided as Laserfiche’s workflow speeds up departmental and interdepartmental processes, empowers collaboration better than emails, and supports WFH and secure access.

Critical Departments Benefit from Using Laserfiche

Many of our Laserfiche clients use the solution to support revenue and AP. Finance departments are riddled with slow and error-prone manual processes and data entry for ERP systems to get visibility into financials. Most financial process chains would benefit from automation. Optimizing productivity, reducing costs, and up-to-date audit trails will lead to sustained growth, risk mitigation, and a positive impact on the bottom line.

Purpose-built workflows can also facilitate vendor onboarding, making it easy to compile, manage and track vendor information. All information is securely stored, providing users with immediate access to information when needed. Replacing paper-based processes with automated document and data capture can expedite invoice and PO approval, allowing your organization to take advantage of early payment vendor discounts. You can also track any required documentation and enable users to quickly run reports to see what information is missing across your entire supply chain.

While many ECM vendors would require complex integration to share data securely, Laserfiche has the functionality to move data from your ERP to a document or vice versa, eliminating human error from data entry in—most likely– your most important system.

Additionally, the Laserfiche solution enables benchmarking activities that strengthen the vendor onboarding process with increased speed and accuracy by allowing users to manage related information across the supply chain. Laserfiche’s WebAccess can provide vendors with instant access to needed information like order forms (which could be created from Laserfiche Forms), previous transaction records, and shipping labels' images. With one place for vendors to find everything they need, employees have more time to leverage their soft skills to strengthen essential vendor relationships.

Interested in learning more about how Laserfiche will benefit your organization? Stay tuned for Part Three.



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