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Compliance Requires a Healthy Grasp of Indexing

While no one can predict how the regulatory mandates will affect your business, document indexing software, a subset of an enterprise content management system, can supply a flexible and reliable structure for your compliance efforts. Document indexing is the first step you take to begin organizing your documents for search while simultaneously ensuring that they’re private and secure. Being as accurate as possible at the start will pay off later during internal and external audits and anytime you need to prove compliance.

Once indexing is completed, the document management system’s automated workflow can enforce your defined business rules and policies. While these requirements may change over time, once you’ve created the underlying structure, a response to new regulations will prove easier to deliver.

That's why ECM with robust indexing capabilities is so important. Companies can secure files and records, quickly retrieve vital documents, build trusted systems, and enforce retention schedules. Some benefits of this compliance-via-indexing approach are:

  • Elimination of lost documents or misfiling — Because documents are stored electronically by document type, no processes are stalled because documents are under a pile of paper on somebody's desk or in the wrong file. Better yet, indexing can kick off Laserfiche Workflows to complete vital, complex processes.

  • Fast search and retrieval — Document indexing software helps organizations quickly find the necessary documents. The software's search function has multiple options based on specific criteria such as date range, customer name, employee name, or other ID numbers, making record retrieval fast and efficient.

  • Saves time—In terms of information security, keeping unauthorized eyes from viewing sensitive information is challenging, if not impossible. Indexing and scanning can allow for account-based privileges so employees can only access the information required to perform their job duties.

  • Better compliance and security — Document indexing software helps keep files better organized, improving compliance with security regulations. The systematic management of documents and records, which includes version control, ensures that they can be easily found, updated, and secured while assuring the confidentiality of the information. For compliance, we recommend you use Laserfiche’s Records Management Edition for document control of the information lifecycle, including disposition.

Implementing document indexing software is essential for navigating the complexities of regulatory compliance. It enables businesses to keep track of stored documents, retrieve them quickly, collaborate more effectively, support compliance, and ensure confidentiality. By investing in document indexing technology, companies can confidently keep accurate records to report to regulatory agencies.



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