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CPS Ranked in Laserfiche Winner's Circle Top Ten

Here at CPS, we don’t hold back in expressing our appreciation for you, our customers. And, frankly, why would we? We have centered you in everything we do, every customization we develop, every support call, and every post we write. Our reason for existing is to make your work lives easier.

Additionally, we are committed to creating productive experiences with Laserfiche that will help you manage, protect and leverage your information. You may remember last year, we won the coveted Laserfiche Customer’s Choice Award. And now, we are getting some additional acknowledgment. Recently, we attended Laserfiche Winner’s Circle, and it was announced that we placed in the top ten of all Laserfiche Resellers―which is why we are thankful.

Creating productive and user-friendly experiences isn’t just a goal for our support team. It’s a value that is internalized and embedded throughout our entire team. And sure, we are really jazzed (it could be a sugar rush), but we are really humbled that you chose to work with us. We can’t emphasize it enough when we say we owe it all to you; this recognition pushes us to focus harder on your success.

So, from the CPS Team:

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!



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