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Laserfiche Mobile: We Don't Talk About it Enough

Laserfiche provides an extremely comprehensive toolset. And because the feature set is so incredibly rich that sometimes we forget to discuss aspects of it until we are asked. This is one such occasion and the product is Laserfiche Mobile.

Before we dig into the customer scenario, let's review some features and functionality of Laserfiche Mobile. The app allows organizations to access any of the features of the Laserfiche Client, from any device. A shortlist of what you can do with Laserfiche Mobile includes:

  • Remotely capture documents, images, and other content like receipts and upload it to Laserfiche with pre-determined metadata assigned.

  • Edit mobile-captured images with cropping, rotation, and color enhancement tools before they are uploaded to the repository to ease data capture.

  • Search for documents throughout the repository,

  • Launch and participate in multiuser workflows using documents, Laserfiche Forms, and Laserfiche Workflow.

Laserfiche Mobile was developed for users who require access to Laserfiche core features without being in the office. An obvious scenario for this app is social service casework.

For instance, Dale is a CPS Worker visiting a child in residence to access their environment. He receives the request from his boss, Jessie that he’ll need to fit in an additional assessment. Unable to fit any more clients into his schedule, he uses the Laserfiche Mobile app to route the task to his coworker Ronny to see if she can perform the visit.

Ronny receives the request on her tablet and confirms she will take the assessment. Once completed, the assessment form is automatically saved to the appropriate folder of the repository (in this case filed by a caseworker) so it can be found at a later date. Later, Jessie, curious about the reassignment, generates a report about the process from home and is pleased to learn of Ronny’s completion of the visit.

The other day we were talking to a client about their use of Laserfiche. The customer mentioned that they were having some issues onboarding other departments. He wanted to get more usage from Laserfiche Workflow and this resistance was impeding his progress. We started brainstorming processes that are useful and touch every staff member in the organization. And it occurred to us–expense processing! Wouldn’t it be useful if staff members could take a photo of receipts, clean up the image a bit and send them through with a form for context? The workflow would then route the form through the approval process. The advantages are that the employee can process their expenses while still in the field and management gets the report in a timely fashion. This process is a win-win! If you are curious, you can see it here.

I’ve seen some other cool uses for the LF app such as shipping and receiving and inventory management. Oh and for those in California Law Enforcement we’ve developed the Laserfiche App for RIPA. Give us a shout if you want to know more about the Laserfiche App.



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