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Use ECM to Collect and Report on Data Required for The Racial Identity and Profiling Act (RIPA)

Attention California Law Enforcement Agencies:

Depending on the size of your agency, you’ll need to comply with RIPA either April of THIS year or April of 2022. I’ve combed through the details of compliance and not surprisingly, the DOJ is requesting quite a few specifics from each stop. I’ve witnessed many agencies developing a plan for how peace officers will perform the data collection, how it will be stored, and who will be responsible for the final report. In their entirety, compliance mandates of this complexity require many extra tasks for the already overburdened police officer. Accordingly, I got my team together and we started to brainstorm a solution using Laserfiche.

Those of you familiar with Laserfiche know that it is an extremely flexible and robust content management solution. It has workflows and integration tools so it can work with your CAD/RMS. Your records managers use Laserfiche because it is DoD 5015.compliant. Some of you use Laserfiche’s forms product as a structured and convenient way to input data.

So, what does this have to do with RIPA, you ask? We’re estimating that RIPA compliance will require anywhere from 10 to 20 precious minutes of an officer’s time per-stop-time that could better be spent on other mission-critical activities. Accordingly, we’ve used Laserfiche Forms and built out a questionnaire that captures all of the data elements identified in Article 3 (CCR 999.26) using easy pull-down menus and dynamically generated auto-fills using Laserfiche Workflow to grab data from the Incident Report. The officer doesn’t need to type as much information, so it speeds up the time he needs to spend fulfilling the regulation.

Once this information is captured, Command can easily report on the data, providing the DOJ with the required information and rest assured that they are compliant. If you have any questions or would like to hear and see more of our RIPA tool, please contact us.



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