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Laserfiche Training: Don't Miss the Macro (Part 1)

When organizations procure Laserfiche, they frequently want to implement and train yesterday. While we love and share the enthusiasm for the product––there are some critical ways to think about and plan for the Laserfiche's usage.

A standard Laserfiche training focuses on features. The point is to walk the client through a hands-on process and complete a specific task. What worries me about this type of training is that it doesn't consider the holistic view: how work moves through the department (or through multiple departments in service to clients. How can Laserfiche make them more accurate, efficient, compliant, and so forth?

When we fixate on the features and functions of Laserfiche, it's not challenging to lose the initial big picture reason for procuring the software. The purpose of ECM software isn't about everyone completing their checklists but overarching organization-wide needs like compliance, efficiency, productivity, customer service. My point is that enterprise software, like Laserfiche, exists to move your whole organization into the future.

To this end, here are a few thoughts to improve software adoption, rethink old ways and increase the value of your Laserfiche investment.

  • Implementation can no longer be considered a single act- When organizations install, configure and train, all effort and energy tend to be on the initial onboarding. When organizations bring in a new department or new employees, sometimes they struggle with onboarding. That's why we recommend our VIP-level support because it includes unlimited training, including documentation.

  • The way Laserfiche is used should change over time- Especially if you are working with a skilled Laserfiche partner, and as such, these evolutions should be documented. Remember not to get too far ahead of yourself; wait too long, and it won't be easy to catch up. Laserfiche can be used to automate countless processes, and as users learn the product, they'll dream up many. Before you start your initial Laserfiche implementation, talk to your Laserfiche Partner and ask if they can set up a call with a mature Laserfiche client. Laserfiche also offers a yearly conference, Empower, that gives users the opportunity to see how others use the product.

  • Audit Laserfiche usage- A system check is one of the most helpful ways to see if all the features and functionalities are used correctly. This is a form of audit that your Laserfiche Partner can perform for you. Here is the way we conduct the audit. Remember, with metrics, and it's not enough to simply track whether people log in to the new software or how much time they spend in it. You need to get the data showing how employees use the software to complete their daily tasks or missing steps. Effectively analyzing software adoption means outlining all the essential processes it should help with, closely tracking their completion, and offering additions or alternatives if necessary.

I've some more thoughts, but for now, you've got some ideas to chew on. Watch for Part 2 after the holidays!.



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