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NGOs Benefit from Digital Transformation (Part One)

While government agencies have leveraged the benefits of digital transformation since the aughts, some NGOs need to make the change. In recent years it has become accepted that digital transformation talk has shifted from game-changing transformations to an imperative for companies’ long-term viability. While this may seem hyperbolic, much of the recent research on digital transformation shows it to be true. Here’s some evidence from Forbes:

“70% of organizations either have a digital transformation strategy in place or are working on one.”

“Most digital transformations are driven by growth opportunities, followed by increased competitive pressure and new regulatory standards.”

“89% of companies have already adopted a digital-first business strategy or plan to do so.”

Despite the recent surge in their priority in some organizations, digital transformations have been empowering the growth of countless companies for decades. Companies with large amounts of documents or document-related tasks have benefited from enterprise content management (ECM), document capture, workflow automation, and web forms. These solutions assist in archiving, managing, and retrieving documents, leveraging information in paper or PDF form, automating document-related tasks, and streamlining the capture of information in digital form. Many customers in various industries leverage Laserfiche tools to simplify their jobs.

Human Resources paperwork is transformed

From onboarding documents like I-9s, W-4s, and NDAs to annual reviews, reference releases, and credentialing, Human Resources departments handle a lot of documents. Federal agencies audit some of these documents. I9s, for example, are audited by Immigration and Customs Control, and the Internal Revenue Service audits W-4s. An ECM solution like Laserfiche ensures these documents are readily accessible whenever they need to be referenced for an audit.

Laserfiche Forms can also aid document-related HR processes by encouraging self-service through guided, workflow-driven processes. These forms benefit applicants onboarding new hires, making the initial paperwork fast and effortless. Laserfiche Workflow can even be used to set reminders and deadlines for tasks such as benefits enrollments and performance reviews.

Laserfiche speeds up A/P processing

Workflow automation plays a vital role in simplifying accounting processes. Automated workflows notify managers when an invoice or purchase order is processed. Laserfiche Workflow can escalate approval if there are questions or concerns. Laserfiche Capture can index these documents and enter the data extracted into an enterprise resource planning system.

Suppose you want to learn more about how Laserfiche can improve efficiencies and lower costs in your business. Stay tuned for next week’s blog.



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