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Overcoming Resistance to Change During Your Digitization Initiative

Last week, my colleague, Jamie detailed why employees and staff may fear change in their jobs. For this post, I brainstormed with the CPS team some ways we’ve seen help move the change process forward.

Introducing new software, such as an ECM system like Laserfiche, requires employees to adapt to change. Even more so if it’s part of an entire organizational effort like digitization. Overcoming resistance to change is crucial for successful implementation and adoption. Here are some strategies to help you address employee resistance to ECM software.

1. Communicate the benefits: Clearly articulate the DMS software's advantages. Essentially, you are showing staff how the software will make their work life easier. Explain how it will streamline processes, improve efficiency, reduce errors, enhance collaboration, and save time and resources. Emphasize its positive impact on employees' work and the organization.

2. Involve employees in the process: Engage employees early in decision-making. Seek their input and feedback on the selection of the ECM software. Ideally, they should have representation on a stakeholder committee. Involving them from the beginning helps create a sense of ownership and reduces resistance. Consider forming a cross-functional team to determine processes, provide insights, test the software, and address concerns.

3. Provide training and support: Offer comprehensive training programs to ensure employees feel confident and capable of using the new software. Provide hands-on training sessions, tutorials, user manuals, and online resources. If you are considering CPS as a partner, we offer unlimited support as part of our VIP package. CPS can offer ongoing support through help desks, user forums, and dedicated IT personnel who can address questions and issues promptly.

4. Address concerns and fears: Understand that resistance often stems from worries and concerns about the impact of change. Create an environment where employees feel comfortable expressing their apprehensions. This is a chance for you to deploy your soft skills. Address their concerns with empathy and provide information and reassurance. Highlight success stories from early adopters to demonstrate positive outcomes. We’ve got plenty of client stories on our blog. Check it out!

5. Offer incentives and recognition: Consider providing incentives or rewards to employees who embrace the new ECM software and actively participate in the transition. Recognition can come from public appreciation of career development opportunities. Consider developing your own user group and recognizing achievement using that frame. Celebrate milestones and successes to create a positive atmosphere around the change. Laserfiche holds a yearly Run Smarter contest for case studies. It’s an excellent vehicle for recognition and free Empower attendance.

6. Foster a culture of continuous learning: Encourage a growth mindset and a culture of constant learning within the organization. Highlight the importance of embracing change and adapting to new technologies. Provide opportunities for employees to enhance their skills and stay updated on the latest features and capabilities of the ECM software.

7. Monitor progress and make adjustments: Continuously monitor the adoption and usage of the ECM software. Often, this is the most neglected change management tool. ECM offers an opportunity for implementing continuous feedback. Collect feedback from employees and address any challenges or issues promptly. Sometimes, collecting feedback is as easy as dropping by the employee’s desk. Analyze usage data to identify areas of improvement and provide additional training or support as needed. Make sure you credit and thank those who give feedback.

Overcoming resistance to change takes time and effort. Be patient, listen to employees' concerns, and adapt your strategies based on their feedback. By involving employees, providing support, and emphasizing the benefits, you can increase acceptance and successful implementation of the digitization effort.



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