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Questions to Ask Yourself for BPM Implementation

Knowing the Right Questions Will Help You Deploy BPM Successfully

For most organizations, business process management (BPM) is crucial because processes are how you generate revenue, provide citizen services, and achieve strategic objectives. There’s a universal consensus that if BPM projects are correctly implemented, the organization’s performance will advance significantly.

The two questions most frequently asked by prospective BPM users is, “how do I get started?” And, “do you have a set of questions you use to determine how to approach the project?” The answer to the first question is to gain consensus as to what the problem is that you are trying to solve. Ideally, you’d have a department staff member, an IT person, and buy-in from someone in leadership.

Now for the “approach” questions. Generally, there are three categories of questions: envisioning, building, and measuring. Here are some examples:

  • Envisioning a shared understanding of what is realistic and do-able:

  • What is the problem we are trying to solve, realistically, using Laserfiche Workflow?

  • What tasks are most painful for the team?

  • Which tasks have repeatable elements?

  • Can we identify the link between the process we are considering and department and/or agency goals?

  • Building, measuring, and delivering process improvements:

  • How do we measure the efficiency of what we build?

  • How do we handle disruption and change management?

  • How can process performance be integrated with agency and staff-member measurement?

  • What are the limitations of the process we implement?

  • Ensuring the environment allows for continued success:

  • How do we calculate ROI?

  • Is there room for improvement?

  • What does maturity look like?

  • How do we tweak this process to improve other tasks?

I hope you find these questions helpful, and please remember if you want to pick our brains, please contact us.



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