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Targeted BPA Deployments with Laserfiche

Today, agencies continue to innovate and adopt new technologies—particularly BPA (Business Process Automation). But automation for the sake of being a tech-forward organization is useless. When deploying BPA, specificity must be applied to improve critical areas such as public records requests, records management, and overall resident services. Below are some of the anticipated improvements driven by BPA

Low Code

Increasingly, agencies are investing in low-code platforms such as Laserfiche, allowing even business users to develop applications such as workflows using point-and-click configurations. With the demand for high ROI in platform investments and the need for more software developers, we foresee the low-code environment continuing in popularity.

Because of its low-code ethos, we predict Laserfiche users will more extensively use it to continue to automate business processes such as public records requests, invoicing, credentialing, training, etc. Such solutions will empower the business users to unburden themselves from manual tasks and contribute towards more challenging work with higher strategic impact. Additionally, agencies that persist with the traditional, code-based development approach will be left behind when providing current resident services.

Employee On-Boarding

Onboarding is critical to the employee experience. Especially critical with this year’s favorable job numbers, we think automating employee onboarding will be one of the overall work processes ripe for automation. Automated onboarding, without a doubt, will make an excellent first impression on the new employee. It eradicates repetitive paperwork, manual data entry, and delays due to errors. Also, this automation is sure to impress the new staff member.

Enhance—Not Replace Employees’ Work

Since the advent of automation, there has been a false rumor that the purpose of automation is to lay off staff. This is categorically untrue. There are and will continue to be many benefits to automation humans will remain a valuable commodity worth investing in. They will continue to deliver value that machines do not. Most computers are very good at solving specific problems under specific parameters. If an exception is introduced, the entire system could break unless modeled in advance.

With the widespread adoption of automation across all sectors, we’ve disproved the replacement theory. Automation emerges as an enabler for employee growth and work satisfaction—freeing up staff for strategic roles where employees can utilize their skills and intelligence to contribute to advanced resident services.

The Laserfiche suite of intelligent automation solutions has enabled organizations to increase efficiencies, enhance resident experience, optimize operations, increase workforce productivity, and reduce process costs and risks. If you are interested in learning more, please get in touch with contact us.



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