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Thinking About Government as a Service (GaaS) With Laserfiche

Thinking About Government as a Service (GaaS) With Laserfiche

Recently I ran across an article in American City and County about using Laserfiche as a platform for GaaS and I think it’s a great idea. Here’s an interesting premise:

“As the population grows, so does the need for services. One way governments are able to address ever-growing and increasingly diverse needs are through partnerships. CIOs of government agencies have an obligation to ensure that services are delivered in a cost-effective, flexible and efficient manner. In the last several years, we have seen a rise in collaboration between government and information technology partners, especially around business process automation. According to the NASCIO 2019 State CIO Survey, the use of “as-a-service” models is expected to expand by 92%, and the use of managed services is expected to expand by 61% over the next three years. As partnerships continue to demonstrate effective collaboration and success, government CIOs recognize a shift from a direct provider of services to a “broker” of services.” At CPS we’ve seen instances of GaaS whereas cities and counties with larger populations and budgets will host instances of Laserfiche and other mission-critical software for smaller entities.”

Truly transforming processes requires common standards and common technology. Tech is increasingly at the heart of government operations, creating real opportunities. However too often what happens is the same work type is simply moved around different groups of people-increasing frustrations across the board. The real problem is that we are still using the same old traditional approach, but with new technology. These legacy processes have become obsolete in that staff have to spend a good deal of time “oiling the machinery” to keep operations running. The development of software, infrastructure, applications, platforms, and business process support services as-a-Service provides unprecedented opportunities to work smarter through more simplified, intelligent operations. And Laserfiche can serve as the platform.

Thanks to the growing maturity of Laserfiche agencies have an increasing number of options for driving down unnecessary costs and creating more value for their constituents. There is increasing momentum toward shared services and sourcing that take advantage of the on-demand capabilities of modern ECM software and best-in-class service providers.

Although there are many challenges still to overcome, our new research is seeing a timely convergence of internal and external experience, technology, and executive attention. The critical point is to not lose momentum. Instead, to build on what’s commenced, and do so through agile, flexible models and collaborative partnerships in and between agencies, departments, and software providers. Ultimately governments should leverage technology and services resources in smarter ways to deliver results: namely better compliance, improved cost containment and productivity, greater flexibility of operations.

Does this sound like the future for your agency? If you’d like to discuss further please contact us.



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