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Using Laserfiche to Make 2023 Better for Staff and Residents

2023 starts off with a bang, inflation worries, fear of recession, and quiet quitting. You can do many things to benefit your agency and residents by leveraging the Laserfiche platform. In a previous post, we discussed yearly planning for Laserfiche. Consider this list of suggestions and predictions for getting the most value from your Laserfiche system.

  • Cyber Security is more critical than ever- Security has been clocked as the number one concern for CIOs for the last decade. From our perspective, we fielded many questions about Laserfiche security for all deployment types. Also, there was tremendous interest in a trusted system. Here’s a link to one of our webinars on the topic. Trusted systems are relevant to cyber security because the trusted system is relied upon to a specified extent to enforce a specified security policy. This is equivalent to saying that a trusted system is one whose failure would break a security policy. In this case, the mandate is CGC 12168.7 Part c. This is to ensure that when using digital records, at least one copy of the electronic document or record into electronic media does not permit unauthorized additions, deletions, or changes to the original document, which is to be stored and maintained in a safe and separate location. Also, since the trusted system leverages WORM technology, it can be used to spin up a copy of the Laserfiche system if the system is hacked.

  • Staffing issues will continue- Hiring and keeping staff is still challenging for local agencies. While it can be difficult to raise starting salary bands―other perks can be offered, such as WFH. And Laserfiche’s secure anytime/anywhere access can help ensure the organization's documents are accessible. Easing repetitive tasks with Laserfiche Workflow can keep staff members focused on the more exciting parts of their roles. Finally, a training and credentialing program can be built and deployed in Laserfiche, so employees feel they are invested.

  • Resident-facing capabilities are crucial- During COVID, many municipalities moved counter service to their website. Document-driven citizen processes, such as records requests and business licenses, could be easily automated with Laserfiche Workflow that is initiated with a Laserfiche Form. Residents really like these services delivered via the web; the tech helps them save time and effort and responds like consumer technology.

  • Data usage continues to be relevant- Local agencies depend on reliable data from which to operate systems, provide the narrative for smart planning, and improved data-based decision-making. Laserfiche is often used as an integrative middleware to take template field data imputed by a resident and drive processes with it or populate other systems like ERP, CRM, or GIS.

We continue to see tech as enabling the benefits that agencies provide for employees and residents. If you’d like to brainstorm the benefits CPS can provide by deploying Laserfiche, please contact us at



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