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This video is one of a series of our "Ask the Experts" Webinars.

The reasoning behind the development of "Trusted Systems" is to ensure that at least one copy of the electronic document or record into electronic media that does not permit unauthorized additions, deletions, or changes to the original document and that is to be stored and maintained in a safe and separate location

Implementing a trusted system brings you in compliance with CGC 12168.7 Part c

CPS and restorVault have partnered to bring Next-Generation "Trusted Systems" using the Laserfiche Technology.

The WORM drive is now further integrated into the Trusted System to work as secured or triggered dispositions, allowing three functions:

  1. Guaranteed Retention Use guaranteed data class.subclass to ensure data cannot be deleted before the end of the retention period you create and select.

  2. Flexible Retention Use flexible data classifications to set a policy which can be later shortened to delete files ahead of the end of original retention policy.

  3. Hybrid Guaranteed and Flexible Retention Use minimum retention period with the flexible class.subclass to ensure all data is kept during the minimum retention period yet retains access for a longer, flexible period following the minimum.



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