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What We Learn from Clients

Question: What do we learn from clients?

Answer: Quite a bit.

In today’s fast-paced, content-driven information ecosystem, customer interactions provide powerful insight to CPS. We thought it would be instructive to review the customer input we’ve received and share some of it.

Here are some salient points:

Training and services are essential and are worthy of investment.

Every client I speak with is a fan of our unlimited, in-person training. We’ve written about this previously, and we’ve all received requests to clone Joe. OK, folks appreciate the training, noted.

Insofar as services go, we’ve always believed that when a client needs help, they need access to a skilled tech (not an operator) at that moment (no 24 hours late callbacks). We’ve proved this theory because of the number of clients that moved from other Laserfiche Partners to CPS because they weren’t happy with services. We’re also employee-owned, and it makes a significant difference in how we work with clients.

Learning database lookups is a game-changer.

Sometimes it isn’t easy to know how much a client wants to do in Laserfiche themselves versus having us do it for them. Over the years, we’ve discovered that it’s OK to push the customer to try/learn more about the features and functions of the product. Frequently those who don’t want to develop their Laserfiche skills will self-select out. However, when you find a client who wants to upskill, LET THEM. It’ll make them a superstar in their organization, and you, the Laserfiche Partner, helped make it happen. Upskilling also drives the growth and sophistication of the implementation. Plus, the client realizes more value from their investment!

Oh, database lookups are cool and drive efficiencies, automation, and accuracy. So, there’s that.

Being a good partner means not always being the least expensive partner.

Our customers are looking for guidance and experience in managing an increasingly complex digital landscape. We invest in our people, and through this, we are invested in our client’s staff. This means we can’t always be the low-cost option, but I can promise you the best ROI. We make these expenditures to help customers:

  • Expand their implementations and identify opportunities to meet new business needs

  • Update existing solutions as they modernize, grow and change

  • Evaluate complex configurations to improve the end users’ experiences

  • Help evolve their solutions ahead of the pace their organization

  • Ensure they have the tools to remain in compliance with regulatory mandates

Learning about customer needs teaches us more about partnering and how to work together to achieve goals inside and outside the technology arena.

Please consider your organizational goals and intentions for next year and leverage Laserfiche implemented by CPS to help prepare your evolving technology strategy and ecosystem.



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