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Empowered by Empower 2024

Our team was privileged to attend Laserfiche's Empower 2024, our most significant conference of the year, in Las Vegas. We took the opportunity to gather feedback from some of our team, and here it is:

How was the show?

Jamie: Good food, magnificent golf, and extraordinary meetings and networking.

Claude: Empower has truly revolutionized our networking experience. The thrill of engaging with clients, discussing their systems or Laserfiche-related issues, and having someone from another table interject with, 'We've faced that too, and here's how we resolved it,' Is unparalleled. This user-to-user interaction fosters a positive environment for knowledge sharing, and we couldn't be more excited about it!

What were our clients and other end-users saying?

Terrence: The anticipation for the UX updates in Laserfiche 12 was palpable. The enhanced UI for interaction with repositories and business processes is set to empower our business-side users, enabling them to work independently in Laserfiche and reducing the workload on our IT departments. This is a significant step forward for us!

Editor’s note: We hosted a webinar with Laserfiche Product Management to discuss Laserfiche 12. The webinar provided an in-depth look at the new features and updates in Laserfiche 12, including the UX updates, the AI Document Summarization, and the new template designer. You can watch the webinar here.

OK, as a Premier Laserfiche Partner,  what is the newest, coolest feature?

Jamie: The AI that they are starting to roll out is a game-changer. The first iteration is the Document Summarization, a feature that will revolutionize how we handle large volumes of documents. Instead of reading through the pages of documents, the AI will summarize them, saving us valuable time and effort. It will work with text or transcriptions of audio, making it a versatile tool for various tasks.

What are the users thinking? Was there a buzz around particular products or features, and why were they buzz-worthy?

Claude: Forms, a product of Laserfiche, has dedicated substantial development time and has been a standout. Its effectiveness for agencies and most organizations is undeniable. It offers efficiency and increased productivity and empowers residents, businesses, or customers to participate in the service process. This is why it's been such a buzz-worthy product for us!

One of the reasons Forms are so popular is that we are experiencing a generational shift in how people interact with technology. The new generation is used to using digital forms, which is why Adobe forms are ubiquitous. Laserfiche Forms is a better solution because of the workflow and the relationship with the organization's records and repository. This shift in user preferences is a significant market trend that Laserfiche is effectively addressing with its products.

Jamie: The new template designer. It’s another tool for those who don’t code. Laserfiche is doing an excellent job of empowering business users 🙂

Thanks Guys!



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