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What Are Laserfiche Forms?

One of the most popular Laserfiche products is Laserfiche Forms. Check out our quick video that explains how powerful it is.

Laserfiche Forms is an easy-to-use web application that allows organizations to collect, process, and route information. Anywhere you use a paper form, Laserfiche Forms will increase your ability to deliver online digital services and increase total organizational efficiencies.

In this case, we’ll use the form for a vacation request. The employee opens the Laserfiche Forms Portal and locates the vacation request form. Laserfiche Forms is highly customizable, so you can replace an existing form, use a template from the Forms Library or build your own custom form.

Laserfiche can automatically fill in your name, supervisor, department, and other data found in other systems. You can see other template field data updates when we change the employee's name. For convenience, it also launches a calendar and adds the number of vacation hours the employee has earned.

The employee receives an email confirming the submission of their vacation request. Their supervisor will receive an email alerting them they have a request they can access via their email or the forms interface.

Here you can view the form itself and to the right is the template with metadata completed. The supervisor approves the request by changing the template field.

The form is stored in the repository for HR processing.

That’s it! Easy to use, easy to implement--that’s Laserfiche Forms.

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