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"My experience with CPS was great. Just a few weeks for testing, installation and training and we were up and running smoothly."

-San Francisco Giants

"CPS possesses the abilities and resources that help to ensure the success of our evolving electronic document management needs and technology capabilities. Their ability to integrate our Laserfiche system with existing applications and to implement a customized workflow RME enables the City to more effectively manage our business processes and improve efficiencies. CPS’s professionalism, expertise, knowledge, and unique understanding of local government has taken us to the next level in our advancement of technology and their team continues to provide City staff with solutions and concepts that provide positive results.

-City of Yucaipa

"When there’s a tricky issue CPS sometimes uses remote access software to actually come into our system and manage the problem directly, with our oversight, of course. They take these things seriously and honestly act as an adjunct to our IT department on occasion. It really feels like we’re players on the same team."

-City of Encinitas

"Clients want copies, things need to be signed, if seats get transferred there’s paperwork. This stuff goes on every day. We just couldn’t afford for the file pulling process to be such a log jam in the process anymore. Laserfiche gives us that coveted “right now” ability. Before it was time consuming to find all of these contracts and other documents, I mean, it really was a few to several minutes to find each and every document for each ticket holder. Now we get anything and everything in a second or two."

-San Francisco Giants

"We find fabulous benefits every time we turn over a process to the Laserfiche system."

-Alhambra Police Department

"If a manager wanted to see… say a contract, or an agreement, they would have to seek out one of the very few employees that knew how to access documents in the old system. The process took two to three hours, and usually required several people to get involved. Laserfiche is so user friendly, that these days, senior staff members research documents themselves from the convenience of their desktops."

-San Bernardino Municipal Water Department

"We were with another VAR and we wanted to try something else. We really felt that CPS had more to offer and that certainly has proven to be the case. The transition went smoothly, and all of the improvements we had initially envisioned are either functional or in the works. Their technical expertise and dedication are superb. CPS is awesome!"

-City of Encinitas

"The California County of Santa Barbara Assessor Division uses Laserfiche to capture and view a large variety of documents essential to the operation of the county assessor. From small beginnings a few years ago, Laserfiche has become a mainstream, mission critical application in the division. Most of the mailings to owners for collection of property information are printed and mailed with a barcode linked to the data printed on the form. When the forms are received back from the owners and scanned with Quick Fields, the barcode is read and the metadata for the image is looked up from the barcode. The county has found Laserfiche Quick Fields with Kofax VRS a very stable platform in this process, with the scripting ability of Quick Fields a very valuable tool in customization when needed. Additionally, the images are viewable in the division's in-house assessment applications using Laserfiche SDK customizations. All in all, we couldn't be happier with Laserfiche and found the architecture of the product "done the right way" allowing for integrations and customizations as needed using the Laserfiche Application Programming Interface or SDK. Laserfiche help features and the support website can answer many issues and are one of the best things about the product. However, for those times when online support comes up short, the CPS support services have filled in the gaps in an excellent way. In the several years we have worked with CPS, I can't think of one time they have failed us. Thank you CPS!"

-California County of Santa Barbara Assessor Division

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