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Achieving Value from Laserfiche with Workflow

Slow public records responses, difficulty finding and retrieving files, incomplete information, copies of copies, wet signatures and emailing multiple versions of documents. These are all productivity killers and can result in a huge customer service issue for an agency. And, yes, it’s been proven that automating document management is extremely valuable.

But while having and using Laserfiche as a structured repository for all your documents increases productivity, the true opportunity is your potential to drive efficiencies by moving information through your business processes electronically, via workflow. This will allow for streaming cumbersome manual activities such as ensuring PII compliance for a public records request or onboarding a new staff member. Bottom-line one of the biggest benefits of workflow is that it allows your high-value staff to focus on high-value work.

For example, think about your contracts process. Having a contract created dynamically with the approved vendor information and appropriate clauses created dynamically. This contract created and driven by Laserfiche Workflow that automatically routes from step to step until all the required information is assembled.

Think about having this type of power spread across all the departments in your agency. Having all this information auto-populated and at the click of the button can accelerate your efficiency to the next level. Workflow management automates business processes, matching work tasks with the workers best suited to them. Once they’re finished with their work, the task is automatically moved along to the person best suited for the next step.

Here’s how to tell if implementing workflow will increase your productivity:

  • Employees are spending too much time doing low-value tasks (searching for documents, waiting for or manually transferring paper files, losing critical documents, duplicating work.)

  • Some employees are swamped with work, while others have nothing to do.

  • Senior staff are causing bottlenecks in the process because they must be involved but are often too busy or unavailable.

  • Employees are selecting favorite tasks (most interesting, most valuable to them, and so forth) to the detriment of agency goals.

If you are interested in learning more about workflow. Sign up for our upcoming webinar on August 19th at 11 AM.



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