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Five Reasons (and a Few Extra) Why You Should Attend Our AMA Webinar

On September 20 at 11 AM, we’ll be conducting an Ask Me Anything about Laserfiche Webinar. While I hope you think all of our webinars provide helpful content, this webinar is one you should try to attend or register to have the recording sent to you. Here are five reasons why you should attend:

  • Reason: Joe Mempin will be in the driver’s seat. He’s forgotten about Laserfiche. He knows all facets of the Laserfiche Client, including training, implementations, customizations, and more. Also, Joe’s a great translator of tech speak to business speak, and our clients like him because he is patient and kind.

  • Reason Two- We surveyed our customer base to determine the items you are interested in. The results show you are interested in Laserfiche Forms, integration, and database lookups. The process you are most interested in is contracts. And the environment you have the most questions about the Web Client. We ran the survey to give us ideas for tips and tricks, and then we’ll take questions.

  • Reason Three- You’ll see the importance of the backend work that makes Laserfiche programs and implementations successful. We hope this will inspire you to build a form or a workflow! Also, you may see a tip or trick that makes your day-to-day Laserfiche engagement even better.

  • Reason Four- We’ve put together a hybrid of the Ask Me Anything, and a show and tell format will provide an opportunity for you to understand the Laserfiche product or service on a deeper level. Plus, knowingly or not, you’ll be giving feedback to us for future webinar material, which is critical. Given the input, we can improve.

  • Reason Five- We’re recording the webinar so you can use it as a reference or pass it along to co-workers.

  • Bonus Reason #1-You can ask us anything about Laserfiche software, customizations, clients, integrations, workflow, capture, etc.

  • Bonus Reason #2- You’ll be gaining knowledge and upskilling. This will increase your value to your organization!

We hope we’ve convinced you to register!



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