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Going Cloud-First for ECM? Read this

According to Gartner Research, by 2025, 85% of organizations will enable a cloud-first strategy.

More and more organizations are migrating to the cloud. To this end, many are looking to determine what they need to do now to be more cloud-friendly. We get these questions posed to us frequently. Surprisingly, a few years back, we would have much tactical advice to deliver―and we still have some. However, the shift in approach has moved to strategic. Today, to be successful, a cloud-first approach has to be baked into the organization's goals.

Experts assert that cloud-based solutions offer greater business agility, flexibility, and the ability to adapt to evolving business requirements; a cloud-first approach also eliminates in-house technical maintenance, freeing up valuable time and resources to focus on core business activities. Adopting a cloud-first ECM strategy can remove the constraints of costly, inefficient legacy infrastructures and outdated applications to help organizations innovate, scale, and, if a private sector organization, remain competitive in today’s digital landscape.

While the process is more complex than we can address in a blog post, here are questions to consider when considering a cloud-first strategy:

  • What are your organizational goals and objectives? The organization’s IT approach is now cloud-based. If you offer IT services, then they need to pivot to the cloud to deliver them. Agencies need to move from counter service to digital services.

  • What is the current state of IT infrastructure? Many organizations migrate their customer-facing systems first. Ensure you understand how the migration will impact the legacy systems. It’s also critical to consider your employee-facing systems.

  • What ECM cloud options are you considering? There’s one good answer here, and it starts with an “L” ;)

  • What compliance mandates do you need to meet? Highly regulated industries will have more work to do, but all organizations are accountable for some mandates. It’s important to loop in your compliance, legal, and records management departments.

  • What do your internal resources look like? Do you have an internal IT team? Will hiring or layoffs be necessary? If you are considering Laserfiche Cloud, your partner can provide you with the support needed.

  • Has the C-Suite bought in? Do they understand what organizational changes will be required? Change management 101 says you’ll need executive sponsorship. It would behoove you to build a business case for your migration to the cloud. There are plenty of templates available to get you started,

When you contract with CPS, you’ve chosen to work with a Laserfiche Partner who has experience with many clients across the public and private sectors. We understand all three computing environments and can help you be successful in whichever environment you choose.



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