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Laserfiche Basic Training - Web Access (VIDEO)

This video is one of a series of basic training videos for the Laserfiche Suite of products. This tutorial will cover Web Access.

The Laserfiche Web Client

The Laserfiche web client is a web application used to access your repository. Using the Laserfiche web client, you can you can add documents to your repository, open and view them, make changes, add metadata and annotations, and perform many other tasks. Because the repository is centralized, it doesn't matter what computer you use to access your repository. Since the Laserfiche web client is accessed through a web browser, you can log in to your repository from anywhere and still view and work with the same repository contents.

Note: the Laserfiche web client is the web counterpart to the desktop Laserfiche Client. The same tasks, options and content are available in both products.

The Laserfiche web client has a number of supporting components that allow you to perform additional tasks, such as Laserfiche Scanning and Office Integration.

The Laserfiche web client must be centrally installed before you can access it. If you are not sure where your the Laserfiche web client implementation is installed, contact your administrator.



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