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We Attended the 2023 CSDA Board Secretary/Clerk Conference

Once again, our intrepid CPS team attended an agency trade event, the CSDA Board Secretary/Clerk Conference, and had opinions! So we hopped on a call, and here’s what they said!

So, how was the show?

Jamie: Great! Loads of interest and good conversations.

Claude: Really busy; there was a lot of traffic at the booth.

Where are Special Districts in terms of understanding enterprise content management and how it can help them?

Claude: This show was for board secretaries and clerks, so they understand records management. It’s just a matter of explaining how their retention schedules can be put in Laserfiche AND their records. From there, it's easy to explain document management.

We also discussed that as special districts grow in size and services, the ability to share information and collaborate while maintaining information governance becomes increasingly important. Laserfiche Direct Share allows users to share content from their Laserfiche repository with external customers or community members in an audited and tracked manner. This allows Special Districts to maintain compliance with transparency mandates.

Jamie: Special Districts are another client type that benefits from backfile conversion. It is a trend among our clients, and now special districts also see the value. They understand the advantages of going paperless.

Claude: We’ve got our work cut out for us. They need some education about how Laserfiche can streamline their records and document management. And we haven’t covered efficiencies they can gain yet!

Have many of the attendees already invested in ECM?

Claude: The smaller agencies tell me they use a network drive or Sharepoint.

Jamie: They are looking forward to getting rid of paper. I think it’s an excellent time to have these conversations about digitization. Especially since COVID-19, they fully realized the need for resiliency, transparency, and digitization. Now, back in the office, they decide what they need for flexibility and will budget from there.

If you could tell Special Districts one thing about ECM, what would that be?

Claude: You understand how digitization helps your records management programs. Now, let’s talk about a trusted system that could be critical for them regarding cybersecurity, preparedness, and transparency.

Jamie: We know you rely on your ERP as your primary support technology. Let us show you how to support that with documents in a Laserfiche repository.



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