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CPS Wins Laserfiche's Coveted Customer's Choice Award

We just received fantastic news, and we want to share it with our customer community. All of you know how we care deeply about our client satisfaction and that every initiative is viewed through the lens of “how will this make our clients happy?” Well, Laserfiche just notified us that CPS was awarded Laserfiche’s Customer’s Choice Award. This accolade, given to one partner:

“Honors the Laserfiche Solution Provider who has maintained high customer retention, high net promoter scores from their customers, and has at least 40 customers.”

Our CFO, Claude Schott, noted: “We consider the happiness of our customer base the crowning achievement of our efforts because it represents we have earned their trust and loyalty. For us to achieve this height, we’ve worked hard to ensure the chemistry within our internal team (management and support) always centers on the client.”

Thank you to Laserfiche and an even bigger thank you to our clients. Oh, and we’ll get right on those requests we received to clone Joe Mempin and his team :)



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