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Many municipal clerks embrace technology to deliver paperless agendas and virtual conference options. But with increased public record review requests and a limited number of staff members – it becomes challenging to meet the growing needs while using a manual, paper-based process.

The ratio between the increasing number of requests and staff availability isn’t the only challenge a clerk faces. Unlike records management, a record request can ask for just about anything. Hunting down paper documents from multiple departments, locations, and file cabinets burdens government staff and lead to lengthy fulfillment cycles. The only proper course for clerks is implementing and utilizing technology that addresses these challenges and restoring control to individuals with this legal obligation.

Laserfiche enterprise content management (ECM) solutions help to alleviate paper process problems. When partnered with Award-Winning Laserfiche Partner, CPS customizes automation and reporting and works as a PRR workflow. As we all understand, access to public records is a cornerstone of an open, transparent government.

Want to learn more? Join us for our case study webinar. We’ve partnered with the City of La Quinta’s City Clerk, Monika Radeva, so that you can get it straight from the source. Sign up here.

Title: The City of La Quinta Case Study: Laser-focused on Resident Services

Date/ Time: Wed, Jun 29, 2022 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT



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