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Webinar: Ask Me Anything Laserfiche

This webinar covers several topics. Did you ever think you spent too much time typing metadata values into Laserfiche from an external database? Joe Mempin demonstrates creating a custom tab in LF Forms that automates grabbing and auto-populating this data. This process is one of the most popular implementation requests across our clients. As one of our clients says,” Learning to perform database lookups is a real game changer for how we use Laserfiche.” To this end, this organization has deployed over 200 forms.

The other topics covered include:

  • Updating an expired insurance certificate with a new one.

  • A quick overview of managing expired waivers.

  • A review of Trusted Systems

  • Best practices for auditing, QC and QA

  • Applying retention schedules to LF Forms. This question about settings required some additional information. Here it is:

    • Laserfiche Forms Data Maintenance

      • Global Settings can be found in Administration > Data Maintenance of the Laserfiche Forms (not Forms Config). These settings apply to all forms if settings are not overridden at the form level.

      • Business Process Settings (Form Settings) can be found in the Business Process Design under Process Options. Data Maintenance is a section that can override Global Settings definitions.

Enjoy the recording! And feel free to share it with other staff members!



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