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Diverse, People, Skills,and Backgrounds Make CPS a Laserfiche Partner of Choice

When we work with prospects, we are often asked, “What can CPS do for us that other Laserfiche Partners can’t?” This blog post, along with some others, attempts to answer that question.

A few weeks ago, our team was on a sales call with a prospect. The organization expressed some disappointment that CPS didn’t have any clients with an automated workman’s comp workflow.

However, while we didn’t have the process built, what we did have is a secret weapon, our CEO, Tom Zinencina. Prior to his success as a Laserfiche Partner, Tom was equally as successful in the insurance business. (If you’ve met Tom, you’ll understand, everyone likes him.) Tom mentioned his background and made the CFO comfortable with CPS.

This situation got me thinking about how our diverse backgrounds make us a better service organization. Here are some examples. We’ve got Joe, who is a master trainer and excellent communicator. During the aforementioned call, he impressed the prospect by explaining how important it is to us that our clients understand how to use Laserfiche (hence the VIP support offering w/ unlimited, in-person training.) In addition, Joe runs our support organization, which is composed of former Laserfiche senior support engineers. Our SVP, Greg, also has a Laserfiche background. Greg’s a partner and a utility player. He builds many of our demos and all our webinars. He’s also the principal architect of our automated records management tool. We actually refer to it as Greg's Records Management System (GRMS). Our development arm is run by Arsene, who’s a Ph.D. so we’ve got a plethora of well-designed customizations and apps. Claude is our CFO and is also involved in sales, he has an MBA and keeps the train running on time. Finally, Jamie, the VP of Sales, has been in the ECM space for most of his career and has worked for other Laserfiche Partners, so he’s got deep experience and many user stories. Separately, we are good for clients. Together, IMHO, we’re terrific.

I’m not the only one who believes in the strength of diverse teams. Harvard Business Review’s David Rock writes, “ In recent years a body of research has revealed another, more nuanced benefit of workplace diversity: non-homogeneous teams are simply smarter. Working with people who are different from you may challenge your brain to overcome its stale ways of thinking and sharpen its performance.”

At CPS, we’ve seen the positive impact of working among a diverse group of individuals with varied talents, skills, and experiences. By sharing different abilities, complementary skills, and previous experiences, our team broadens its perspective towards the different situations and issues we encounter. In short, we can problem-solve and ideate more efficiently for you, our clients.

But that’s not all. The fact that we have (many) different opinions and skillsets encourages interaction among our team and promotes creativity, allowing us to develop innovative, robust integrations, customizations, workflows, and apps, that provide an optimized Laserfiche Information Platform and a positive Laserfiche end-user experience.

If you are interested in learning more about CPS’ innovation and client services, here’s an excellent place to start.



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